Your Native Teacher Platform Guide

Welcome to the “Your Native Teacher” platform guide. As a tutor, your dashboard will be the epicenter of your interactions with students, managing lessons, and other crucial tasks. Familiarize yourself with the features and functionalities to optimize your tutoring experience.

1. Dashboard Overview:

Your dashboard is designed for ease of access and navigation. Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Student List: An organized display of all your students, allowing for quick access to their profiles and scheduled lessons.
  • Joining Lessons: There’s a direct link within your dashboard that allows you to instantly join the lessons. This ensures that transitions between lessons are seamless.

2. Rating Students:

  • Importance: After each lesson, it is mandatory for you to rate your students. This process is not just a protocol; it has a direct impact on the student’s experience on our platform.
  • Impact of Ratings: The ratings you provide help populate the student’s statistics in their dashboard. These statistics offer insights into their progress, strengths, and areas that might require further attention.
  • Timeliness is Key: Rate your student immediately after each lesson. Delaying this task could hinder the student’s ability to view their statistics in a timely manner.

3. Benefits of Timely Ratings:

  • Student Engagement: When students can view their progress regularly, it motivates them and fosters a sense of accomplishment. They are more likely to remain engaged and committed to the learning process.
  • Quality Assurance: Your ratings act as quality checks, ensuring that the teaching process is monitored and refined consistently.
  • Feedback Loop: Timely ratings enable a continuous feedback loop between tutors and students, leading to more targeted and effective lessons.

Your consistent engagement with the dashboard and adherence to these guidelines will ensure an optimal experience for both you and your students. Always keep the student’s experience in mind, and aim to provide them with the best learning journey possible on our platform. If you ever face challenges or uncertainties, refer back to this guide or contact our support team for assistance.