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Our online language school platform offers a wide variety of classes designed to meet the needs of students at all levels. From introductory courses to advanced subjects, we provide educational solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our learners. Browse our pricing page to find the perfect course for you.

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Our learning levels explained

How do I figure out where to begin?

A1 Beginner

You’re a newbie and know just a few important terms.

You’re a “false beginner,” meaning you have some fundamental language skills but can’t create more than a few words and sentences. You may not have used the language recently and wish to start from scratch. Your vocabulary and grammar are poor.

A2 Elementary

You may utilize ordinary language and simple words to meet actual demands. You may introduce yourself and others and ask and answer questions about your home, friends, and possessions.

If the other person communicates slowly, clearly, and is willing to assist, you may engage simply.

B1 Intermediate

You can grasp current statements and idioms (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment). You may talk simply and directly about common and everyday concerns.

You may define your history, setting, and present needs simply.

B2 Upper Intermediate

You can grasp conventional input on common job, education, and leisure topics. You can handle most problems in a language-speaking country. You may write simply on known or personal issues. You may discuss events, dreams, goals, and objectives, and share comments and plans.

C1 Advanced

You can interpret concrete and abstract writing, even technical debates in your area. You can engage with native speakers fluently and spontaneously, without straining either side. You may write clear, informative material on a variety of topics and discuss a current issue’s pros and cons.

C2 Proficient

You grasp difficult, lengthier texts and underlying meaning. You can speak eloquently and freely without any effort. You may utilize it socially, academically, and professionally. You can write well-structured, thorough content on complicated topics, using organizational patterns, linkages, and
coherent devices.

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Language assessment

Confused about where to get started? Begin your adventure towards language study with a free language examination. Then we’ll locate a tutor who’s a good fit for you.

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What do video lessons involve?

Online classroom

A virtual classroom platform makes learning more interactive and interesting while giving students a safe place to learn. Any device that can connect to the Internet can be used to connect to a virtual classroom platform. This flexibility allows students to view information globally.

File and screen sharing

These solutions allow users to share their full computer screen, an active program, or uploaded data. These sharing methods provide students and teachers freedom in delivering courses, assignments, and learning resources.

Text messaging

Classroom texting eliminates teacher-student communication barriers. These technologies allow two-way communication and the exchange of multimedia messages between learners and instructors, keeping them on top of their study.

Recording function

Class recordings let students revisit complicated topics and content. They provide students additional time to comprehend course material and may help them fill up lecture note gaps.

pricing plans

Affordable and flexible 
tutoring plans

We offer various levels of language tuition to help suit as many learners as possible. From outright beginner courses touching on the very basics of the language to more advanced class concepts, we have educational solutions to suit everyone. 

This simple to follow price scheme offers an easy way to work out the cost of quickly learning the language. For help in making the right calls and learning in a friendly environment with easy scheduling, reach out today.

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