This guideline explains how Your Native Teacher and your students can talk to each other. For your information: Everything is sent and received through WhatsApp!

For the communication with students, only the student WhatsApp group is used:

WhatsApp Group Communication:
Once a subscription is purchased, we’ll set up a student WhatsApp group that includes you (the tutor), the student, and our customer support team. Remember, no groups are formed and there should be no contact between tutors and students before a subscription is bought. Also, please refrain from initiating any groups or private conversations with students.

  • Don’t wait around and always take the initiative. 
  • Keep in touch, and always answer as soon as you can. 
  • As a tutor, you have a big role to play in making sure your students learn and are happy.

Should your students get in touch with you privately: 

Put a screenshot of the message in the student WhatsApp group and respond to the message there. Ask the student to post their request directly to the student WhatsApp group. 

Customer Support won’t be able to help you with any problems until they know enough about you.